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Series » V » VISION Koroshi ga Mieru Onna

VISION Koroshi ga Mieru Onna

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Detective Asano Kazama, who is on disciplinary leave, tries to purchase incriminating photo(s) from Kitagawa Tadasuke, Ito and Minamida of a syndicate of swindlers. At that moment, to model Kurusu Reina, who is at the same store with her manager Kiyosue Koki, is called “Christina” by Kitagawa. The man goes up to her and tries to forcibly kiss her. Asano attempts to pull Kitagawa off, but the latter hits him and flees. Reina knows nothing about Kitagawa. The next day, Ito’s dead body is found. There is a high risk that the lives of the traitors Kitagawa and Minamida will be targeted. Having heard about Kitagawa, Asano goes to meet Reina one more time. Meanwhile, Kitagawa appears before Reina, who is at her own apartment. Neither her roommate Asakura Maria nor Asano can see this strange sight. Kitagawa has a bullet hole in his forehead. Reina believes what she has seen is the ghost of a murdered Kitagawa. The next time Kitagawa appears again, he tells Reina the location of his dead body. Half believing Reina’s words, Asano goes in search of Kitagawa’s dead body by relying on the strange images that Reina had seen, but … …
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